Thursday, September 24, 2009

What do we love?

Check out this amazing parody of San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum website. For comparison, here’s the real thing. It’s an impressive parody, and contains some astute, if acerbic, critiques of the museum’s just-closed "Lords of the Samurai" show. While I must reiterate that I find nothing wrong with a museum bringing in crowd-pleasing exhibitions, I do find it interesting that the samurai show was the second most successful show in the museum's history (which I know because I volunteer there on the weekends and the staff is very proud of that fact). What was the all-time most successful show, you ask? "Geisha: Behind the Painted Smile.” What do we love? Sex and violence. More specifically, Japanese sex and violence. Orientalism lives!

I have to admit, the moustache gives me serious heebyjeebies.

Image source: Marshall Astor on

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